Madesk Commercial

MADESK is a new brand committed to providing premium quality products and exporting globally. With a focus on technology, quality, and scalability, MADESK follows a fully MIT (Made in Taiwan) design/production/manufacturing process, aiming to create a healthier living environment.

Recognizing the need for high mobility and future scalability in workplaces, MADESK offers the most comprehensive office equipment integration system. It provides professional office space with the most efficient layout plans and ergonomic user experiences. Whether it's fixed-foot workstations, electric height-adjustable systems, or functional workstations, MADESK is the first choice for business elites. Among them, the electric height-adjustable system boasts industry-leading specifications—stability, quietness, energy efficiency, and easy assembly.

The challenge of this project is to choreography with the product not only to demonstrate its functionalities, but also to create mesmerising rhythms and movements to impress audience. The aesthetics of this advertising is minimal and elegant, outstanding the new and fun relationship between people and Madesk.

Creative Team

Production:Kangxi Audio and Video Industry Co., Ltd.
Director:Chen Mengwei, Hong Jianyao
Camera:Jin Jiahao
Lighting:Chen Zhizong
Dresser:Zhou Xiaojia
Editor:Fenghong Asia Pacific Audio and Video Co., Ltd.
Equipment:Leader Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Film Studio:Zanchang Visual Culture
Dancer:Fu Fu、Ma Yunting,、Xu Fuxiang,、Xu Ruixin
Choreographer:Yu He Lin