Outlander Women

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⚠️ Attention:
1. The performance includes semi-nudity. To watch the performers, viewers must be over eighteen years old.
2. It is recommended to use an iPad or a smartphone with Google VR cardboard to have the immersive VR180 experience. If you don’t haave one, that is also okay!
(tutorial: https://support.google.com/youtube/an…)
3. The footage was shot with an Insta 360 One X2, which has its device limitations. Please understand that the work is still in experimenting stage.

Hello everyone, I am Yu He Lin. Welcome to experience “Outlander women” online.

This work is derived from one of the parts in my Best Dance Award-Winning Work “Cuddle X Outlanders 5.0” at Taipei Fringe Festival in 2017. It tells the story of people who leave their hometowns in order to realise themselves, their struggles with identity, and confusion due to conflicts brought by difference of races, languages, cultures, genders, etc.

"Outlander Women" is recreated and expanded into a duet depicting the struggles of migrant women in big cities. The performance is presented using VR180 imagery, with performers maintaining their original nudity from the waist up, conveying the assimilation, vulnerability, and loss of voice faced by migrant women in unfamiliar territories. This resonates with the profound sense of alienation generated during the pandemic, culminating in the ultimate decision to return to one's own sense of belonging.

The reason for reproducing this work is because I learned that Mr. Wang, the Chinese veteran who participated in ” Cuddle X Outlanders 5.0“, passed away a few years ago at the age of early ninety. His Life ends in Taiwan, a foreign land. His daughter and the son-in-law then moved into Mr. Wang's residence in the village where he had lived for over fifty years. An end is a beginning. This work is dedicated to Mr. Wang and all of those who feel like a stranger in their hearts.

The work is divided into two sections:
Part I- Pre-recorded online performance (15 minutes)
Part II - Performers interact with audience through live streaming online ( 5 minutes)

Creative Team

Choreography | Yu He Lin
Dancer | Yu He Lin、Yu Wen Huang
VR Camera | David Verbeek
Edit | Yu He Lin
Lighting | Jove Wang
Composer | Yu He Lin
Organiser | Taipei Performing Arts Center
Special thanks to | DThub Studio、"San Yi Paper Products Co., Ltd."
Venue | Chang Dance Theatre